Message from Mr. Akavut Tangsilikusolwong
Chairman of Thai Business Council – Dubai and Northern Emirates

First of all, I’d like to thank the 1st Chairman Mr. Chalermpol Hoonpongsimanont and team Thailand for establishing the council as a channel to collaborate with other parties for the member’s benefit. After being elected to the office, now I have set up new administrative board with official approval from the members. The panel includes leading business people in several industries and I believe they can work to develop the council very well.

The board and I expect to create new cooperation with other organizations such as Thai Airway who now joins us as honorary member, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), Embassies and Consulates, government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), international business councils and other economic sectors. We wish to share with them points of view and joint events. I believe the members can see more useful benefits from this policy.

Currently, Thai government has been collaborating with the UAE government through several channels namely the Embassy, Royal Consulate, TAT, Thai Trade Center and Thai Airway. Meanwhile, the council will be another representative for Thai private sectors in UAE. We will be a fast and reliable media who keeps our members up-to-date with local policies and business opportunities. Also, we will hold activities frequently in association with Thai government agencies to support our members.

In my term, I intend to promote the council throughout the Middle East region building up relationship with other organization. Now, we affiliate with Thai Trade Center in Kuwait and are seeking similar collaboration in other countries too. Also, we will set up a branch of TBC in Thailand as a wide-opened door welcoming Thai business people to the Arab region.

Lastly, I’d like the members to join new activities we are going to launch for their benefits. Apart from the state sectors, TBC is more than ready to support you to do business in the region. I think there are wide opportunities for Thai products and service if we work together things will surely develop.

Thank you



Though there are thousands of Thai-own and Thai-rated business and professionals residing in Dubai and other states of UAE, in attempt to form the Thai Business Group many times, eventually, on August 17, 2010, with the drive and committed supports by the Royal Thai Consulate-General Dubai and other Thailand team members including Thai Trade Office, Tourism Authority of Thailand, Thai Airways together with several Thai business companies and Professionals have decided to form the Thai Business Council at the meeting in Royal Thai Consulate Office in Dubai.

From the meeting, Mr. Chalermpol Hoonpongsimanont from SCG Chemicals and Mr. Chaipat Komolchaiamorn from PTT are chosen as interim Chairman and Vice- Chairman of the Thai Business Council and have proceeded the needful procedures with Dubai Chamber in order to register Thai Business Council as an official identity and organization being approved and permitted by the local Authorities including the Ruler’s Court and Dubai Chamber accordingly.

During awaiting for the approval process, Thai Business Council or TBC has started to actively participate and initiate several functions and events that have benefited to the local Thai business communities so as contributing to the society.

On May 4th, 2011, the Ruler’s Court has granted final approval for the Council so as the Permit is being issued by Dubai Chamber to announce “Thailand Business Council” as an official organization under the umbrella of Dubai Chamber of Commerce & industry


Objective & Mission

• To be a major conduit to link member to member and member to potential business outside Thai Business Council
• To be a central of information and networking for members and the potential to tap and leverage the benefits from it
• To be an official channel for members to communicate and/or raise any concern, and represent the group to voice such concerns/opinions to public
• To be a mediator in promoting cross-cultural exchange between UAE and Thailand, and represent Thailand in view of commercial, economics, and culture